Assignment & Stock Photography by Jennifer Ferrier



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I think I have been interested in photography for as long as I can remember. I can recall shooting of dozens of rolls of film as a child and spending all my allowance money on processing. Before I went into high school, I spent all of my money on a fully manual SLR camera, which I had no idea how to operate. Slowly, I learned how to use it, and as clueless as I was, some of my pictures showed promise.

I became a certified scuba diver at age 12, the minimum allotted age at the time. I found the world beneath the waves was the most comfortable place for me. As I excelled in my training over the years and earned more certifications, I started growing interest in documenting what I was experiencing. My father finally bought me an underwater camera, and I dove into photography full force.

I entered into high school as an art major, but I never knew what I wanted to do with it. Although I spent only a limited time concentrating in photography, my art background improved my composition dramatically. I finally, in my senior year, took a photography course and learned all the basics. I took two other art classes so that I could spend all my free time as well as those two periods in the darkroom, and I made up all the work at home.

All of my time was spent in photography and I was slowly building up my portfolio. My underwater pictures were great additions and my ability to travel frequently helped me build up some diversity in my images.

I attended the fall semester at Endicott College after graduating in 2000. I decided to take some time off after that to decide what I wanted to do and take some pressure off myself. My personal problems where overwhelming me at that time and I put down my camera for eight months. Although my pictures had halted, I spent all of my time reading photography books. I built up my knowledge in the field and most of my work has been self-taught.

Finally, a friend who was having a low-budget wedding asked me to be her photographer. I decided this was my big jump back in. I spent all my money on newer, better equipment and spent every day learning how to use it and experimenting. The wedding went well, and sparked my love for photography again. My work just seemed to flow from there and was topped off when I went shooting on a vacation in New Mexico.

After that, my images were accepted by Michael’s Furs and Fashions for their weekly ads in The Boston Globe and The Jewish Journal and I started marketing my images for sale. I enrolled in the New England School of Photography and completed their two year course in 18 months. I majored in Advertising with a double minor in Fashion and Digital. Since then, I have been working as a freelance photographer.

In January 2007, my husband and I purchased our home in Gloucester, Massachusetts complete with an office, studio, and darkroom to expand my business. We now offer a wide range of complete photographic services from our home.